1960s Mens Hairstyles

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1960s Mens Hairstyles. Keep on scrolling to take a. Youll get a better idea of how gentlemen are taking traditional styles of the past and infusing them with subtle modern touches.

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The mop-top was a haircut that sported a fringe of long bangs that grazed the eyebrows in front and hung down to hit the shirt collar in back. On average men in the 1930s to 1960s would wear their hair at the 3-inch length mark on the top while the sides were tapered very short. To discover what I mean by this just explore the collection of the top 60 best old school haircuts for men below.

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Mens hairstyles along with fashion and many other aspects of American culture underwent a huge transformation during the 1960s. Those hairstyles had been still have very trendy among those conservative men with any age. Some bad mens hairstyles from the sixties. One of the most seen and worn 1960s men hairstyles is the crew cut hairstyle which has been worn by many men with different ages.