1794 Ob32p Wiring Diagram

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1794 Ob32p Wiring Diagram. WIRING 1794-IE12 1794-PS13 1794-IB32 1794-TB32 1794-OB32P WIRING 1794-IB32 1794-IA16 1794-OB16P Allen-Bradley 1794-IE12 Text. Network and ease of expansion.

Rockwell Automation 1794 Ob32p Manuals Manualslib
Rockwell Automation 1794 Ob32p Manuals Manualslib from www.manualslib.com

The wiring terminations are done almost entirely on the terminal base modules under power. 1794-TB3T -TB3TS - Terminals 34 35 50 and 51 are internally connected in the terminal base unit. 1794-OB16 and -OB16PK - terminals 0-15.

Protected Source Output Module 16 1794-TB2 1794-TB3 1794-TB3S 1794-TBKD 1794-OB32P FLEX IO status is provided to the processor.

Temperature range of -2055 C -4131 F 1794-IB8 and 1794-IB16 or 050 C 32131 F 1794-IB32. Network and ease of expansion. Connect Wiring for 1794-OB8 1794-OB8EP 1794-OB16 and 1794-OB16P 9 Connect Wiring for the 1794-OB32P 11 Configuring your 1794-OB8EP Output Module 14 Configure the 1794-OB8 1794-OB16 1794-OB16P 1794-OB32P Modules 15 Specifications 16. Manuals and User Guides for Allen-Bradley FLEX IO 1794-OB32P.